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I'm Alyssa Redner
I am a travel enthusiast, an avid tea drinker, a foodie, an online entrepreneur, and a small-town girl.
I started my creative journey the moment I could hold a pencil. Drawing evolved into painting, to sewing, and then to photography, videography and digital art.
I never thought that my creative abilities could turn into a business until my friend asked me to create their website and logo. That's when it clicked!
Now you'll find me helping other new female entrepreneurs to create and grow their businesses.
How I started . . .
As a creative person I was told that, "Having a job in the Arts was a dying field."
In high school, my plans were to follow my creative instincts and go to an art college. But I was very discouraged by my teachers, and those around me. They caused me to believe that I will not be successful if I choose this path of life.
This left me very confused for my future! So at the age of 18, I decided to pack my bags and travel across Asia for 7 weeks to find who I was and what I wanted for my life.
Living in Thailand
On my travels, I fell in love with Asia's culture and people, so I dropped all my plans and moved to Thailand. 
I devoted 5 years of my life to volunteer at an organization that helps with the local communities in Sriracha, Thailand.
I was suddenly immersed in my role as the leader in the media department, and my passion and skill for photography and digital art grew. 
Losing my boyfriend . . .
On my travels in 2018, I witnessed my boyfriend tragically passing away right before my eyes. 

I met Yeabsira Solomon when I was living in Thailand. We were friends for 3 years, but secretly he liked me from the first moment we met.

I was the one who was reluctant to start anything, but slowly my heart turned, and our friendship grew into a relationship. 

Yeabsira was always known for his wisdom. He would tell you that his life’s purpose was to help others find their greatness.

Now he’s the one who inspires me everyday to live my life to its fullest.

If there is one thing I know out of all of this, it’s that we have one life to live.


Are we living it to its full capacity?

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Currently . . .
You'll find me helping new business women create and grow their businesses!
I absolutely love to see people living their best, authentic life that they were destined for. That's why I make it my goal everyday to be the one to help those around me reach their fullest potential.
Living out your dream takes courage. When everyone around you is telling you that you can't, I'm here to tell you it's more than possible!
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I'm Alyssa Redner

I am a small-town girl with big goals, who started with a passion for photography and turned it into a business focused on entrepreneurs, creatives, and small businesses. 

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