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$20 DIY Studio Backdrop

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

The cheaper the better

I am the sort of person that will always go straight to the clearance section when I am shopping. Why would I spend $50 on a pair of jeans when I can spend $15?

When you are looking into purchasing backdrops for your photos and videos, the cost can add up pretty fast, especially if you are getting the stands and lighting to go with it.

You'll find the prices can range from $150 and up. As a new entrepreneur, that's a lot to spend all in one place.

So that's why I am here to show you the creative ways to spend less but still have to same great look!

What you'll need


There are many ways to find a more affordable backdrop. If it is a big piece of fabric that can be used to hang over a rod, it can be made into a backdrop.

In terms of colour, you can stay neutral or go with a bold colour.

You can use either one of these options

  • Shower Curtain ($10)

  • Curtain ($15)

  • Bed Sheet ($15)

Wooden Dowel/Curtain Rod

You can either purchase a wooden dowel at your local department store, or temporarily use a curtain rod from your home.

  • Wooden Dowel - 1 in x 72 in ($ 7)

  • Curtain Rod - 1 in - 72 in ($0)

2 Wall Hooks

In this case, it all depends on if you want to protect your walls from the paint chipping. If that is not a problem, go with the cheaper option, but if it is, then you can go for the latter.

  • Dollarama - Large Adhesive Wall Hooks ($2)

  • Command Strips - Large Wall Hooks ($12)

Budget Friendly DIY Studio Backdrop | Blog by Alyssa Redner, Just Creating Studios


  1. Make sure to find a blank wall in your home that is close to a window, so that you can use natural light as your source of light.

  2. Iron out all the creases in your backdrop.

  3. Stick the 2 large wall hooks on the wall.

  4. Fold the fabric over the rod and pin it to secure it, OR pull the fabric through the rod.

  5. Place rod on top of the two hooks.

  6. Adjust the backdrop.

  7. You're ready to take your photos or videos!

This is so affordable and simple to make at home. It will be a game-changer for your photos and videos on social media and your website.

Check below to see how my self-portraits turned out. All I used was the my DIY Studio Backdrop, a tripod, and set my camera on a timer.