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7 Steps to make time for your business

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Do you ever feel like there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish what you need?

TRUST ME, I totally understand! Sometimes I look at the clock and it's already dinner time, and I wonder, "What did I even do today?"

That can get discouraging, especially as a business owner trying to make money and get traction. BUT don't worry, I've got tangible steps on maximizing the 24 hours in your day for your business.

7 Steps to make time for your business

Get up earlier

I hate to say it because I am a night owl! But if you can't seem to find time, you got to use all the hours in a day to your advantage.

The morning is the perfect time for you to sit in silence and work on the tasks that need to be accomplished. When everyone is sleeping in your house, you are making it happen at your office desk sipping your coffee in your sweater and sweat pants.

Try getting up early for the next 21 days and see if this works for you. If it doesn't, then move onto the next step!

7 Steps for make more time for your business

Get off social media

My phone buzzed on my desk, letting me know that I received a notification. As I checked my phone to see what it said, it was my weekly Screen-Time Report telling me that I was on my phone for an average of 5 hours per day. I was shocked reading it because I didn't realize how much time I was using on my phone.

Now imagine if you took those 5 hours of scrolling on social media, and turned it into productivity for your business. Don't get me wrong, social media is an amazing tool. But check out your screen-time on your phone. What are you wasting your time on?

Allow yourself some time away, unplug your phone, and turn off all notifications during your workdays. It can be a huge distraction, especially when you need that time for your business.

Schedule your day

Schedule in the time you need to work on your business. Let those people in your life know that you need a distraction free power-hour.

You have to see that working on your business is important. If you don't schedule in the times that you are working on it, it will never be accomplished. Make that work-time important in your everyday routine.

Set your goals

Set specific and measurable goals for the next week, month, 6 months, and a year. That will give you perspective on what you need to be spending your time on and what you shouldn't spend your time on.

Then create the steps you need to take to reach those goals within the deadline you gave yourself.

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Have accountability

Who is someone that can keep you accountable for your business growth and personal growth? Is there a coach, mentor, or leader that you can rely on?

If not then you find one that will guide you through this process. They are there to answer any of your questions and to help you grow a successful business.

Having that accountability will ensure that you are on track and moving forward in your growth.

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Do you need to quit your job?

If your business has been growing quickly and it's become profitable, it might be time to quit your day job.

At first it will be scary because you are stepping out of the security of your regular paying job. But know that it's worth it, especially if your dream is to own and run your business.

Hire someone

If you don't have time at all, hire someone who can do the job for you. The investment can be worth it especially when you are trying to get something rolling.

That way your time has been freed to work on other important things within your business.

The more time you spend working on growing your business, the more you profit from it.

It's your time to shine!

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