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Content Creation | Create Styled Photos for your IG & Website

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

This is something that I do all the time for my business. It's an affordable and easy way to create more content for your social media platforms and IG account. Plus, it can bring a new look and professionalism to your platforms.

Content Creation | Styled photos for your Instagram & Website

When it comes to taking the photos, you can use either your phone camera or if you have a professional camera, go for it! Personally, I use my my Canon 6D camera, 24-105mm wide lens, and 50mm lens.

Camera & lenses Alyssa Redner uses for her photoshoots

Now in order to get set-up to start taking photos, essentially you can use objects you have at home to make it even more budget-friendly, and/or you can go to your local Dollar Store. When I went, I was looking for more office supplies that had a darker look with touches of gold.

Styled Stock Photos - Office & work photos | Just Creating Studios

Time that it takes - It took me about 30 minutes at the Dollar Store, and 3 hours to set-up the shoot, take photos, and edit them. Depending on how many photos you want, it can be about half a days work.

Although it does that a bit of time, these photos that you are creating for your social platforms are going to last you for the month if you are posting regularly.

It's a faster, affordable, and easier way to take photos when you are wanting more content for your social media and website.

DIY Styled Stock Photos | Setting up to take photos

Setting up the styled photos

Once you have all of you supplies from the Dollar Store, it's time to start taking photos!

Set up your desk or table closer to a window for the natural light to illuminate your photos. Then place your foam board as the background. I rested mine against the wall, so that it was securely placed.

When it comes to placing the supplies and giving your photos a balanced look, check out photos on Pinterest to give you some inspiration.

Styled Stock Photos - Office & work photos | Just Creating Studios

If you are having a hard time, don't worry, I got you! All these photos are up for grabs in my shop. You can use them freely for all your platforms. Check them out here - Styled Stock Images


Time - 3 1/2 hours or more

What you'll need

My Dollar Store Finds

  • Clip board

  • Candle holder

  • White foam board

  • Black foam board

  • Fake Succulent

  • Canvas

  • Frame/Shadow box

Use items you already have

  • Coffee mug

  • Phone

  • Camera

  • Laptop

  • Tablet/iPad

  • Journal

  • Plants

  • Books

Photo Set-up

  • Natural light by a window

  • White/black foam board

  • Phone camera or DSLR camera

Check out the photos that I captured below. To purchase them, click here -

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