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How to get the BEST Professional Headshots for your Brand

Professionally made headshots for your brand are so important because it's a way for people to trust you and your business. They need to see you in all your glory!

Now as a photographer, a lot of people ask me what they should do for their headshots?

You want to think of LOCATION.

  • Go to a location that means the most to you and your brand.

  • What location represents your brand the most?

  • Look for background colours that represent your brand.

Say I was going to be taking photos of a surfer for their brand. I wouldn't take them to a garden with pretty flowers, although there is nothing wrong with a floral location. BUT I would obviously take them to the ocean/water with their surf board because that's the location that best represents them as a brand.

You also want to think of CLOTHING

  • Wear colours that are part of your brand identity.

  • Keep your clothing to basic colours.

  • Think of style - is your brand more casual, sporty, formal?

Go through your wardrobe, lay out some options and start trying different styles and colours to see what works best for you.

Keep in mind when doing Professional Headshot Photography that you want to think of location. What place best represents the brand identity? Then clothing, wear colours and styles that best represents the brand identity.

Right LOCATION + CLOTHING = your best brand identity

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